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Mother, daughter shoplift from store
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Two women were charged with shoplifting from the Dollar General after store employees noticed the sticky-fingered duo reportedly shoplifting Thursday.

Officers from the Covington Police Department were called while the two women, later identified as Stephanie Cox and her daughter Taylor Jones, were still inside the store. The employee told officers that the women had taken one of the purses from the store off the display shelf, removed the packing and were "shopping" by placing merchandise inside the purse from the store, while one carried it over her shoulder as if she had come in with it.

The officer waited until Cox exited the store. She allegedly walked toward the officers and asked, "What is going on? A customer said there were a bunch of police out here."

They asked Cox to go back into the store with them and, according to reports, when Cox, got inside she and Jones began walking away from police. One of the employees pointed at the shopping cart they were pushing, which had merchandise in it, as well as the purse, also filled with merchandise.

Cox allegedly told officers, when asked, that she had $200 to pay for the merchandise.

When she was told that by stuffing store merchandise inside the purse, she would be charged with shoplifting, she reportedly attempted to "over talk" the officers and was placed into a patrol car.

After reviewing store video, it showed Jones was carrying the purse and she too was placed in a patrol car.

Both women were issued citations for shoplifting. Jones also had no valid insurance on her vehicle which was then impounded.

For Cox, this was her third shoplifting violation.

The total amount stolen was $56.50.

Two women attempt Walmart theft

Two women were arrested at Walmart Wednesday afternoon for shoplifting as well.

When officers arrived, the two women, later identified as Shaquida Cooper and Monique Prendergast, were walking out of the store and a loss prevention employee pointed them out. Officers escorted the two back into the store.

As they were walking the women back into the store, Cooper reportedly started crying and attempting to pull away from the officers.  When they got into the security room, she again tried to pull away, according to reports, at which time the officer "assisted her to the floor" and handcuffed her. Inside her purse were nine items, totaling $76.48.

Six items were removed from Prendergast’s purse, valued at $83.80.

Walmart did want to prosecute and both women were transported to the Newton County Jail and charged with shoplifting.