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As we continue our series explaining the value of going to an expanded Sunday publication, we want to explain why going through this change not only will improve readership enjoyment for our subscribers, but also will enhance the power of our marketing pull for advertisers.

Studies across the nation tell us that Sunday readership is up. That is the one day that subscribers take the time to sit down and read their community newspaper. To that end, our Sunday product will be larger and will include the complete insert package, color Sunday comics and the USA Weekend magazine. In addition, public notice advertising also will run in the Sunday edition.

What does this mean for our advertisers? This means that your ad and message will be seen by 16,000 Sunday print readers, who will not just brush through the paper as they drink their coffee in preparation for work. It means that whole families will actually take the time to study your message.

Your advertising message will be printed in bright color at no extra charge to you.

In addition, our web readership and advertising have grown in the last two years. Currently, we are averaging 103,000 sessions by users per month, 56,000 users, and 231,000 page views. In addition, 50 percent of all users are on mobile devices and 18% growth from last year.

Our Facebook is seen by an average of 7,700 viewers per post.

Our web coverage has made it possible for more readers to see local news and local advertising than at any time in the 149 year history of the paper.

While expanding the Sunday product, we also will be delivering a special advertising package to our subscribers each Wednesday morning.

If you would like to know more about our exciting advertising packages, please call Jason Cosby at 770-787-6397 with questions about web promotion, and Cynthia Blackshear-Warren at 770-787-6397 for print publication rates.

We are excited about our changes and feel both our readers and advertisers will benefit strongly from the new Sunday model of the Covington News and

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our publisher, T.Pat Cavanaugh at 770-787-6397. He will be glad to talk to you.