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House on Kirk Street robbed
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A home on Kirk Street was robbed of several thousand dollars worth of jewelry and property while the owners were at church Tuesday afternoon.

The couple's son arrived at their home first and noticed that the back door was broken and that there were lights on inside rooms of the house. He started looking around and noticed that things appeared ransacked and called for police.

After officers arrived and cleared the residence they spoke to the victim and instructed him to call his parents to come home. While waiting on them, officers went into his room to see what was missing. According to reports, three Rolex watches (valued at $10,000 each) and a pair of gold and silver cufflinks (valued at $1,000) were all missing.

When the homeowners arrived and took inventory they noticed a jewelry box had been dumped on the bed and that several drawers were opened. The male homeowner reported that a watch (valued at $2,000) was missing, along with $300 he kept in his dresser. Retirement paperwork and paperwork with account information on it was also missing.

Anyone with information about this robbery is asked to contact the CPD at (770) 786-7605 or online at