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Hotel overstay results in pot arrest
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A 19-year-old Decatur woman was arrested Friday afternoon on charges of possession of marijuana and disorderly conduct after reportedly refusing to leave her hotel room by checkout time.

Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to the Baymont Inn by an employee who said Brandy Kyle and another woman were refusing to leave their room, even though checkout was 30 minutes earlier.

As officers spoke with the employee, he reportedly pointed out Kyle and the other woman to police as the women were loading their things in a vehicle.

According to reports, when officers approached Kyle, she became "argumentative and began speaking louder and louder." When officers asked for identification, she reportedly told them she didn’t have any, and officers noticed a strong odor of marijuana as they spoke with her.

The vehicle belonged to the other woman, and, when asked, she reportedly gave officers permission to search it, saying there were no drugs inside.

While officers were searching the vehicle, Kyle was standing close by, prompting officers to ask her to step away from the vehicle. At that point, she reportedly began walking away from the vehicle and the officers, saying she was "done with the police."

While officers dealt with getting Kyle back, the other woman reportedly told them she knew where the marijuana was, and she pointed them in the direction of Kyle’s purse. She told them that Kyle and a man had just finished smoking marijuana in the hotel room.

The bag allegedly found in Kyle’s purse contained six burned marijuana cigarettes. Officers also found, in the purse, a pipe used to smoke marijuana along with a .25-caliber handgun with one round in the chamber.

Kyle was arrested and transported to the Newton County Jail on charges of possession of marijuana, less than an ounce, and disorderly conduct.

The other woman reportedly told officers she didn’t want the gun in her car, and it was taken into evidence.