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Drug arrest after eviction
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A month’s long drug investigation came to a close during the evictions and arrest of one Covington man and a woman.

Jamariyae Glover, 22, was taken into custody Dec. 15 and is being charged with trafficking illegal drugs, possession of a firearm and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

In October, an eviction crew was sent to 1628 Riverside Trail to serve a final notice and move the items in the residence outside on the street. A woman was in the residence when the crew began trying to remove the items.

As the crew was working, the woman, Whitney Moore, was attempting to hide the marijuana that was in the house, says Rockdale County Sheriff Office spokesperson Investigator Michael Camp.

A drug unit was called to the scene when Moore was caught trying to hide the drugs. The drug unit found five pounds of marijuana, one-quarter pound of meth and an assault rifle.

Neighbors of the residence have reportedly complained about the house being a high traffic area of drug activity, says Camp.

Moore was arrested on the scene and was charged with the same charges Glover is being charged with now.
Glover is still in the Rockdale County Jail.