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Dog saves local womans son from fire
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Traditionally, we believe angels watch over us. This thought was in my heart and on my lips when my son Grier Trevor Godfrey and his dog Max walked unharmed from a blazing fire in the home owned by the Partridge-Godfrey families for over 30 years.

The angel descended from heaven and woke my dear son from a deep sleep. Smoke filled the room; he was coughing and inhaling the smoke, not really knowing what was happening. Suddenly he realized his room was on fire and he must escape. He attempted to put out the blaze to no avail.

Suddenly he realized his precious dog was next door. He rushed to Max's room, and they charged to safety.
I have had the golden opportunity to talk with Grier Trevor about Max. He has shared how much Max has meant to him and how he has protected him in some extremely low points in his life.

"Max," he said, "has comforted me when I didn't have anyone else around."

His confession touched my heart deeply. It made me appreciate animals and especially dogs. I was a dog owner as a little girl and had one when my daughter Katrina was born.

Dogs don't discriminate. They protect all people, no matter their color or ethnicity. Dogs love all of God's people.

During Black History Month, let's begin to be like my son's dog Max. Let us not discriminate. Let us love more and help each other. Each of us wants to be that angel of God, and only God can give us wings.

For it was that angel of God, a mighty act of God, that saved my son's life from that fire. And God continues to save each of us daily.

- Minster Elizabeth Partridge-Godfrey