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Do you want fries with that?
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A Covington man was advised to take out a Temporary Protection order against his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend after she reportedly harassed him at his job at Checkers early Saturday morning.

The victim told police that he was cleaning the parking lot at Checkers when his ex-girlfriend drove into the parking lot and threatened him. He said she called him several names and advised him to watch his back "before something bad happens to you." Her new boyfriend was in the vehicle with her, he told officers, and he came out of the car acting aggressively. He said his ex-girlfriend had also approached him at two other jobs in the past.

He told officers he was scared of what she might do and that she was angry at him for suspending the service on her cell phone.

Be nice to grandma

An elderly woman contacted the police after her grandson reportedly assaulted her with a water bottle and cursed at her Friday evening.

The woman said her grandson, later identified as Devin Cain, hit her in the head with a bottle of water, cursed at her and told her he didn’t want her in the house. When they spoke with Cain, he reportedly told them his grandmother wouldn’t leave him alone and that he had problems with anger, so he snapped and threw a bottle of water at her.

Police noticed the grandmother’s ear was red and her clothes were wet from where the bottle’s contents spilled on her. She complained of pain in her ear and was "visibly shaken," according to reports, but declined an ambulance.

Cain was arrested and charged with simple battery under the Family Violence Act. He was taken to the Newton County Jail.