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Crime Briefs - Aug. 21
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3 arrested after teen was dragged at stable
A deputy with the Newton County Sheriff's Office responded to a call about a 17-year-old girl being dragged off a property by her hair Saturday. According to a report, deputies responded to a call at a horse stable located at Mt. Tabor Road in Oxford after speaking with a woman who said Lori Dampier, Douglas Dampier and Harold Condo were in a black Chevy truck trying to take a 17-year-old girl and a horse from a stable. When the deputy arrived, he witnessed Harold Condo videotaping at the front gate of the property.

NCSO public information officer Lt. Keith Crum said the 17-year-old girl was staying with a family friend and they decided to go to the stable to check on the teen's horse. He said while there, they unexpectedly came in contact with the teen's mother Lori Dampier, 51, and her stepfather Douglas Dampier, 56. Crum said the mother started walking towards the teen and told her that she needed to go with them and the teen resisted.

Crum said the teen's stepfather then grabbed her hair and pulled her down to the ground. Crum said the teen's mother approached her with a stun gun and shocked her a number of times trying to force her into the vehicle with them. Crum said witnesses at the stable jumped in and knocked the father down to the ground and got a hold of the mother and called 911. Lori Dampier and Douglas Dampier were arrested and charged with battery and criminal trespassing. Harold Condo was charged with criminal trespassing. Crum said deputies are continuing to investigate the case.

Manager fired from Zaxby's for stealing money
A manager told police that another manager at his restaurant was fired after he stole money from the business. Covington police spoke with a manager at the Zaxby's located on Turner Lake Road on Friday who said he fired another manager for stealing money from returns.

The manager told police that he fired Isaac Thomas who was employed with the restaurant from Feb. 2, 2011 to Aug. 14. The manager said during Thomas' time of employment, he stole approximately $6,000 from the store. The manager said he had a copy of surveillance video which showed Thomas separate money from the return receipts into a separate stack. The manager told police he would prosecute Thomas.

Woman's son hospitalized after getting jumped by a group of males
Covington police were dispatched to Carlton Trail in reference to an assault Friday. They spoke with a juvenile and his mother who said she came home from work and discovered her son had been beaten up. The juvenile told police he walked home from the Stone Street area and a guy who lived in the area gave him a hard time about walking home. He said the male had a problem with him but he didn't know why.

The juvenile said he did not know the male; he only knew that he rode the same bus as him. The juvenile said he walked home to his house, but then walked back to the male's house to settle the problem peacefully. The woman's son said while there, the male told him to go to the back of the house so the police could not see them.

The woman's son told the male he did not want to fight, but the male and seven other guys jumped on him. According to the police report, the juvenile had a busted lip, swollen eye, abrasions on his chest and arm and complained about pain in his back. The juvenile said the guys hit him with their hands and feet.

The juvenile was taken to Newton Medical Center. Police tried to make contact with the males. They spoke with two boys who said they did not know anything about the fight. Police spoke with the juvenile again at the hospital to get more information, but they said the juvenile had trouble breathing and had a hard time answering questions.

Shots fired lead to police chase on Fairview Road
Deputies were led on a pursuit after someone fired a gun at an apartment complex on Friday. According to a report, deputies with the Newton County Sheriff's Office responded to the area of Gross Lake Parkway in reference to a male pulling a gun on another male on Greenleaf Road around 8:45 p.m. Deputies were told by dispatch that one of the males came back to a home in the Enclave neighborhood. While deputies were waiting on another deputy to arrive at the scene, they noticed a dark colored car pull very quickly into the leasing office at the Orchard Cove Apartments complex directly across the street. A deputy said the car accelerated and he heard what sounded like a gunshot.

The deputy said he then heard several more shots, watched a male take off running and the car accelerated away from the scene. Deputies then pursued the vehicle onto Fairview Road and then onto Crestfield Circle. The vehicle then turned back onto Fairview Road and onto Hinton Circle. Deputies found the vehicle wrecked at Hinton Circle and Hinton Chase Parkway. Deputies were unable to locate the suspect.