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Concerned citizens announce Dump the Fees Campaign
dump the fees
The campaign website for the Dump the Fees Campaign.

COVINGTON, Ga. - A “concerned citizens” group announced the Dump the Fees Campaign, giving notice to the Newton County Board of Commissioners that the fees attached to the dump pass need to be removed or reduced for Newton County veterans, seniors, indigent and disabled citizens.

It called the $155-per-year rate “astronomical.”

“Fees should be dropped,” Yolanda Bennett, a member of the group,, said.

Helping Newton Citizens

Many citizens of Newton County are financially strained due to these dump fees. 

The dump used to be included in the taxes of Newton County, and residents were able to dump their own trash without additional fees. Dump the Fees and concerned citizens recently committed to bringing awareness to the Newton County BOC that this issue needs to be addressed and fixed.

“This has created a major hardship on many residents forced to pay the fees for the dump,” said Bennett. “Every year the fees seem to continue to increase.”


The campaign has created a petition that many of the residents have signed in support of dumping the fees. The petition can be signed at