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County fixes damaged pump at landfill
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A damaged pump system is now repaired at the Newton County Landfill, after it was damaged a few weeks ago and leaked waste in a storm water pond.

County Manager John Middleton said the pump system was damaged July 27 when lighting struck the command control system that operates the pumps and lift stations. He said that as a result pumps had to be operated on a manual basis 24/7 following the incident.

Middleton said Tuesday the pump system has been fully repaired and upgraded to a float system. However, he said while repairing the pumps they found leachate - any liquid that carries waste - in the storm water pond at the landfill.

"All pumps were checked and evaluated. The control system has been replaced," Middleton said. "In the short term, we are utilizing tankers to augment the pump system and remove additional leachate and get back to a normal flow level after recording 9 inches of rainfall over a five day period at the landfill," Middleton said.

He said the county reported the leachate discharge to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division Land Protection and began to clean up the leachate leak.

"The pond was plugged to prevent the leachate from leaving the site and entering the Yellow River," Middleton said. Thus far, as testing indicates the leachates have been contained within the pond. We are currently pumping the leachate contaminated water out of the pond and back into the system for removal."

Middleton said the damaged pump system had no impact on residents. He thanked the solid waste staff and EPD for their work on repairing the system.

"Our solid waste staff, mechanics and engineering consultants have done an outstanding job responding to and managing this situation for a positive outcome," Middleton said. "We certainly appreciate the timely response, support and ongoing direction provided by Georgia EPD Land Protection Branch in this effort as well."