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Confrontation in Wendys parking lot turns physical
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Officers from the Covington Police Department are still trying to locate a woman who reportedly assaulted another female in the parking lot of Wendy’s Thursday afternoon.

According to reports, the victim told officers that she was driving on U.S. Highway 278 when she noticed a black Yukon Denali that was coming from the area of Elks Club Road and appeared to be following her. The victim allegedly told officers that she turned onto Ga. Highway 142 and noticed the vehicle turned as well and was following closely behind her.

The woman reportedly told officers that she was meeting her husband at the Wendy’s restaurant on Ga. Highway 142 and that as she turned into the parking lot the Yukon turned in as well.

The victim allegedly said that she parked her vehicle and exited but did not make it inside the restaurant before a female jumped out of the passenger side of the Yukon and began yelling and cursing at her.

Reports indicate that the victim told the female from the Yukon to "stop acting like trash and just leave," something the women reportedly had a problem with, since she allegedly took the victim’s sunglasses off and then hit her on the right cheek, broke her sunglasses and threw them on the ground.

According to reports, the woman from the Yukon also spit in the victim’s face before getting back into her vehicle. The victim allegedly told officers that she stood in front of the Yukon and told the driver and passenger that they could not leave because she was calling for the police.

She reported that both the driver (a male) and the female passenger then acting panicked and quickly left the parking lot in the area of Industrial Boulevard. She said the Yukon had been a newer model with chrome door handles, wheels and "custom-looking" taillights. The vehicle reportedly had a Brannen Motor Company dealer drive-out tag that expired April 15 and that both the driver and passenger were white and the female had on a blue shirt and a necklace.

Anyone with information about the driver or passenger of the Yukon is asked to contact the CPD at (770) 786-7605 or online at All tips can be left anonymously.