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Circus coming to Conyers
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What's new at Cole Bros. Circus of the Stars? Just about everything. And, from its brilliantly colored, new Big Top to its stellar cast of performing artists and educated animals, Cole Bros. Circus 2011 is nothing short of spectacular.

Royal Bengal Tigers, elephants, camels, horses, llamas and more than a dozen captivating canines will delight animal enthusiasts. Judit and Juergen Nerger open the performance with their awesome array of Panthera tigris tigris. Laura Herriott's turn in the ring features a mixed animal drill comprising dromedary, draft horse, llama, ponies and dogs. In a high-energy routine, Abuhadba's Cartoon Poodles demonstrate as much pleasure during their time in the spotlight as audiences have in watching them perform. The biggest stars of the show, the Cole Bros. Circus elephants, wow the crowd during the second half of the show.

At the apex of the circus arena, The Flying Ponces soar from the flying trapeze. Soloists Lena, Lana and David take to the air to execute intricate gymnastic routines while surrounded by Cole Bros. Aerial Corps de Ballet.

The zany antics of the Bermudez Family Clowns disrupt the decorum of the show at frequent intervals to provide comic relief. Gravity-defying daredevils challenge ThunderDrome, the Motor Chamber of Danger, rivaling the Human Cannonball for fearlessness under the Big Top.

What remains unchanged at Cole Bros. Circus of the Stars is its timeless appeal. Children of all ages are guaranteed to enjoy old-fashioned fun at The World's Largest Circus under the Big Top.