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Bomb threat reported at Covington Waffle House
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Employees and patrons of the Covington Waffle House, located at 10106 Alcovy Road, received quite the wakeup call Nov. 3 when they received a phone call about a bomb in the parking lot.

A Waffle House employee reportedly answered the phone around 10:15 p.m. from an unknown female, who reportedly sounded like she was in her mid-20’s, and an unknown male, who reportedly had a deep voice and sounded to be in his early-to-mid-30’s.

The female reportedly asked to speak to a manager and when she was told there was not a manager on location the male “stated that he just wanted to inform them that a bomb located in the parking lot would go off in 30 minutes,” according to the Covington Police Department (CPD) incident report.

CPD officers arrived, established a safe perimeter and phoned the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office (RCSO) to have a bomb detection K-9 aid conduct a security sweep.

“Each of the employees stated that nothing seemed unusual or out of place,” according to the report. “They continued to explain the customers that were there prior to the call were the usual customers.

“The three employees also agreed that they didn’t know of anyone who may have been fired or let go from the store, in recent.”

After the sweep by the RCSO K-9, CPD officers determined there were no immediate threats and the Waffle House was able to return to business as usual.