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Argument ensues over green beans
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An argument over undercooked green beans led to officers from the Covington Police Department being called to a healthcare business on Spring Valley Trace Saturday.

The complainant told officers that she had been working in the serving line of the kitchen when another employee told her the green beans weren't done. She reportedly told officers that she had tasted the green beans and confirmed they weren't done. She then told the employee who had brought this to her attention to tell the cook.

According to reports, the woman refused to tell the cook because "he gets upset." Not wanting to serve residents undercooked food; the complainant said she would go speak with the cook.

When she told the cook they could not serve undercooked green beans, he allegedly "got upset and yelled and cursed at her in another language as well as English."

After a conversation with the supervisor over the incident, the cook reportedly walked around the building telling other employees about the altercation and making threats against the complainant, such as "he would take care of her."

The woman told officers she was frightened and afraid to be in the building and to leave her car in the parking lot for fear that he would harm either her or her vehicle. She also said this was the fourth incident she had had with the cook and she wanted to make a report of it.