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Lifelong servant leader exemplifies the elements of leadership in inspiring new book

Alpharetta, GA – Retired Major Maria L. Britt is a woman of strength and exemplary character, with a career defined by her constantly breaking the mold and challenging expectations. 

After graduating from one of the first classes at West Point to admit women, she went on to become the first woman in the 273-year history of the Georgia Army National Guard to make the rank of general officer, command 11,000 soldiers as the major general and be named one of the top ten most powerful women in Georgia. 

Her retirement from the Army and subsequent positions in academia, however, only mark the beginning of her next move — inspiring and motivating others through public speaking and her debut book, Navigate the Climb: Leadership for Life’s Journey. Britt relays crucial experiences from her journey that have cultivated her leadership skills and shaped her into the trailblazer she is today.

Navigate the Climb is for anyone looking to hone their leadership skills in any aspect in life anddevelop the confidence and vision to reach their goals. 

Her philosophy behind leadership is that any good leader, guides their team toward a greater mission or vision or what she considers your “True North.” Good leadership traits, however, are never developed overnight, and describing the journey as a “climb” couldn’t be more fitting. 

With experience ranging from commanding thousands of soldiers in the National Guard to serving as associate vice president for operations at Kennesaw State University, Britt is no stranger to the complexities of leading various groups and navigating in the public eye while remaining authentic and resilient. 

You must face adversity, doubts and exhaustion as you progress, and she openly shares these hurdles as well as her victories to educate and inspire readers

As readers navigate their own climb, Britt will encourage them to discover their “True North” in order to lead effectively. She begins with the thought-provoking question of “How can anyone lead others without first knowing how to lead themselves?”

 In Navigate the Climb, Britt helps readers embark on a journey of self-discovery to obtain the tools needed to reach both personal and professional leadership success. Readers will glean nuggets of wisdom from her experiences, including how to identify your individual purpose, motivate others through your vision and more.

Navigate the Climb is available now on,, and The eBook is available exclusively on Amazon.