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Blood Donations More Crucial Now Than Ever
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COVINGTON, Ga. – The nation faces a critically low blood supply, as we’re now experiencing the biggest blood shortage in 20 years. With blood products being used at a faster rate than donations are coming in, hospitals are dangerously close to an unthinkable situation.

Life-saving blood transfusions—especially for those in the Black community living with sickle cell disease—are now at risk of being lost entirely. And that’s far from the only kind of procedure that will be affected. While donated blood is often used to treat trauma patients in the emergency room, it can also benefit cancer patients, women who recently gave birth, and burn victims.

Timing is of the essence; Piedmont Newton Hospital’s primary blood supplier, the American Red Cross, needs your help now to address this emergency blood shortage and save the lives we could lose if the supply runs out entirely.

There isn’t a blood type out there that would be turned away; all are welcome; all are needed. Platelet donors and Type O blood donors, especially, are encouraged to donate.

Click here to schedule a donation appointment today.

Thank you for your help! Every donation puts us one step closer to overcoming this emergency blood shortage and saves the lives of our patients.