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Fallen serves in welding apprenticeship program with Batchelor & Kimball
Kaila Fallen

Over the summer, Newton County students and graduates began their respective careers through a plethora of internships, externships and training opportunities. One of those alumni was Kaila Fallen. 

Fallen worked as a welding apprentice with Batchelor & Kimball in Conyers. The Alcovy High School alumna said she obtained a lot of knowledge. In fact, Fallen categorized all of the education as her favorite aspect. 

“The thing that I have learned the most is how to be a better worker,” Fallen said. “That includes being punctual, staying busy and taking initiative and asking questions so I can learn new things. My favorite part about working as an apprentice is getting to learn a lot of new skills.”

When asked why welding is her career choice, Fallen’s response was simple. 

“Welding interested me because it seemed cool,” Fallen said. “I just so happened to end up really enjoying and having fun doing it.”

Fallen was also a Newton College and Career Academy (NCCA) student during her time in the Newton County School System (NCSS). 

Upon reflection of her time as a NCSS student, Fallen recognized the effect the school system had on her career path. 

“NCCA prepared me because of the agriculture classes they provided,” Fallen said. “My junior year I took Ag Mechanics, which is the class I learned how to weld in. Then my senior year, the work based learning trainers helped me get a job where I extended my welding experience.”

Now, with the summer apprenticeship behind her, Fallen is on the fast track to receiving her welding certification. 

Nevertheless, Fallen offered guidance for any prospective students who may consider taking the same opportunity in the future. 

“The advice I would give to anyone wanting to take this opportunity is to be ready to work and just know that you are starting a great career,” Fallen said.