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Helping new faces find their ‘dream home’
Julie Adams

Many new businesses and industries have moved into the Newton County area in recent years, bringing an influx of people coming to live locally. 

One of the real estate agents helping those individuals find a home is Julie Adams, who takes great pride in what she does. 

For Adams, it is about assisting people in locating their “dream home.” 

“I love being able to help others find their dream home, sometimes that is current residents upgrading their home and others it’s helping new families relocate,” Adams said. “For new families relocating to Covington/Newton County, I enjoy being able to share what makes our town so great.” 

Adams has been a realtor now for the past five years. The idea started when one of her childhood best friends became a real estate agent, so Adams gave it a try.

She was working a full-time job at the time of her start, but that quickly changed. 

“I loved it so much that I decided to resign from my full-time job and become a full-time realtor,” Adams said. “There are good days and bad days with real estate just like with every other job, but I wouldn’t trade what I do.” 

Adams has resided in Newton County for the past 27 years. She and her husband, Robert, have three children — Caden, Mason and Tucker. 

Her family enjoys going to the Farmers Market almost every weekend in Covington as well as all of the other events hosted on the Covington Square throughout the year. 

“We all enjoyed ‘Glow on the Square, and playing putt putt this spring,” Adams said. “My 6 year old son enjoys getting his face painted with face painting fairies every chance he gets. We are very appreciative of the literary club handing out books at the movies on the Square at the end of each month. We are regulars at Social Goat, Lucky Day Tacos, Amici, Your Pie and our trips to the Square are never complete without a visit to Scoops.”

That is why Adams is driven to showcase the local area to people who are looking to move to Newton County. 

She desires to see the town she loves continue to grow and prosper for years to come. 

“I want others to see the good in our city and county that I have grown to love,” Adams said. “I want the area to continue to improve for the future generations of our city and county.”