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FACES OF NEWTON: Elizabeth Mobley
Helping people grow personally and professionally
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Elizabeth Mobley’s love for helping people grow personally and professionally has been one of the driving forces in her career.

Mobley is the manager of Express Employment Professionals, where they work to the benefit of job seekers and employers.

“Our mission here is to provide job seekers career opportunities that make a positive impact for employers in our community,” Mobley said.

Mobley began working for Express Athens in March 2011, and the business has grown every year since.

“As I learned the business, my owner and I quickly realized how crucial it would be to have a brick-and-mortar location in Covington,” Mobley said. “We worked hand in hand to open that office in late 2011 on a part time basis and grew from there. As of 2023, we have partnered with hundreds of clients to place candidates in manufacturing and administrative employment opportunities here at home.”

The biggest factor for Mobley is the effect her business has on the people they work with.

Mobley referenced how seeing the end result of her work is one of the best parts of her job.

“One of my favorite ‘wins’ through the years is having one of our local associates be nominated for Express Employment Employee of the Year through our corporate office; this is a global award and our associate made it to the finalist round with four other individuals,” Mobley said. “Even though he didn’t win, I will never forget him hugging and thanking me for the opportunity. Listening to him cry once he found out he would get a monetary prize that could help him purchase a vehicle filled my cup in a way I could have never predicted.”

Mobley and Express Employment Professionals have won five “Best of Newton” awards for “Best Temp Agency.” 

For Mobley, the award symbolized that the community recognized the hard work her and coworkers have done.

As she continues to help the people in Covington with career opportunities, Mobley’s favorite part is being able to serve the community she has lived in.

“My favorite part about working for Covington and Newton [County] is knowing that our hard work has a direct impact on our home,” Mobley said. “My team and I live, learn, work and play in this community so anytime we can have a positive impact for local employers and our fellow citizens is a dream come true. We are cheerleaders for this town, for our local clients and for our associates.”