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Deer hunting brings family together

Deer season is a special time for hunters across the state of Georgia. 

Each year, usually around mid-October, firearms are dusted off from their cases in preparation to go for the dream that is the “big buck.”

For one family, that dream has already become a reality.

Wesley Fountain and his son Noah Fountain are both avid hunters from Covington. 

At 12 years old, Noah recently managed to kill not only one but two big bucks this deer season. Both of those bucks impressed his father Wesley.

“I’ve been hunting well over 50 years and both of the ones [bucks] he got are bigger than anything I’ve ever gotten,” Wesley said.

A lifelong hunter himself, Wesley has killed numerous deer over the years and harvested them for his family. Seeing this inspired Noah to take to his father’s hobby.

“He [Noah] just saw me when he was younger going in the woods all the time and he saw me bringing deer out of the woods and he was like, ‘When can I go? When can I go? When can I go?,’” Wesley said. 

Noah has long been a go-getter and always accomplishes whatever he sets his mind on. According to Wesley, Noah is a straight A student, making the honor roll the past two years and also became a black belt in karate at just 8 years old.

But still, Noah set out to be in the woods just like his dad.

Finally, at 9 years old — and with his mothers permission — Noah took to the woods with his dad for the first time.

Wesley was there when Noah got his first kill, a trophy for many in the world of hunting.

“He [Noah] shot and it [the deer] ran off and he was kind of distraught,” Wesley said.“When we went to the bottom hill it [the deer] was laying there and he was just smiling from ear-to-ear.”

Noah became a natural, killing several deer over the course of the last few years leading to the big kills this year.

“I’ve been hunting for four years now and this is my fourth season and I’ve been working really hard to get a deer like that,” Noah said. “I’ve killed deer before and it feels similar. It’s just more I’m happy that I’m able to put meat in the freezer… and I’m excited because it’s something I can mount on the wall.”

Noah credits everything he knows about hunting to his dad.

“He started with just showing me how to know where the patterns of the deer are,” Noah said. “Then when I started hunting he would show me how to call in the deer and use all of the proper techniques to get them to come in.”

When asked to provide what his goals were for future seasons, Noah says it is hard to know what to expect but that he wants to be added to the Boone and Crockett Club someday. 

By doing so he wants to help preserve the conservation efforts of the group by maintaining a “healthy deer population.”

But for now, the family of hunters will take their wins from this season and celebrate accordingly by eating a hard-earned meal. Wesley states it is a favorite in their household.

“Tonight we’re having country-fried deer steak.”