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Will you go to prom with me?
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With Prom being months away, many students are now thinking about who can be their date.

Prom is the last night that seniors will be able to enjoy their senior class with music, dancing and food, and fun. They get ready for this one night months in advanced in hopes for the perfect date, attire, transportation, etc.

Lately, there has been a large and growing trend throughout high schools in the U.S., called, “promposals”, where a male or female would ask a significant other on a date to prom, much like a proposal.

Promposal is the word combination of “prom” and “proposal.”

In these proposals he/she would use props, people, or other things and come up with a creative way to ask someone to prom.

When asking people of an older generation, they had no idea what a “promposal” actually was and neither do some teens, but once you explain the definition, most teens know exactly what you are talking about.

Now would be the perfect time to ask that special someone to prom.

A senior at Newton High School, Eric Spurley, began planning a promposal for the girl of his dreams. What took almost a month in planning finally got done.

A video was made, featuring Eric Spurley, talking about how prom is on the way and now is the time to ask someone to prom.

The video was played during his possible date’s third period class. Once the video stopped and the screen turned black, Eric Spurley knocked on the door.

When he finally came into the classroom, he walked over to Alexa Roblero, and asked, “Will you got to prom with me?”
She said yes!