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BOC Live Stream June 16th, 2015
Live Stream begins at 6:30 pm
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June 16, 2015

Thought for the day…
“The price of greatness is responsibility.”
Winston Churchill

1. Call to Order: Vice-Chairman Levie Maddox
2. Invocation: Pastor Tom Lee, East Newton Baptist Church
3. Pledge of Allegiance: Laura Bertram, Director Newton County Community Partnership
4. Vice-Chairman’s Comments
5. Consent Agenda
1-9 County Clerk: BOC Minutes dated May 19, 2015
10-11 County Clerk: BOC WS Minutes dated June 2, 2015
Handout County Clerk: BOC ES Minutes dated June 2, 2015
12 Sheriff’s Office: Approval to apply for two (2) grants (COPS & JAG Grants)
13-15 Juvenile Court: Approval of Independent Contractor (Southeastern Psychological Associates)
16-19 Board of Elections: Approval to declare as surplus property (Elections Department)
20-21 Development Services: Request to waive hiring freeze to hire a new employee to fill the
inspector position that is to be vacated by Bob Cart who is retiring.
22-34 N.C. Community Partnership: Approval of DHS Contract for FY2016
35-37 Tax Commissioner: Request for Ad Valorem Vehicle Tax Refund

Pocket 6. Administrative Services: Monthly Financial Report

Pocket 7. Administrative Services: Approval of Check Register

38-42 8. Intergovernmental Agreement: City of Covington, NCBOC & Board of N.C. Board of
Elections(Conduct of City of Covington Elections)

43-47 9. Intergovernmental Agreement: Approval of Inspection Aid Agreement between NCBOC
& the City of Covington

48 9. BOC: Approval of R061615 – A resolution of continuing operation of Newton County,
Georgia, pending adoption of the 2016 fiscal year budget

7:30 PM
Please Note: The applicant and those in favor of the petition are allowed ten-minutes to address the board. In addition, ten-minutes are allotted for those in opposition to the petition. This ten-minute allotment does not include a response to any questions raised by the commission members.
49—83 10. Case # NTL15-000194 (Tabled from May 19th meeting)
Proposed Use: New Telecommunications Tower
Existing Zoning: CH (Highway Commercial)
Watershed: Yellow River
Location: Crowell Road (West Side)
66.62 Feet of Frontage
Parcel Size: 0.55 Acres
Tax Parcel: 44-161D
Owner: Jerry Moore
Petitioner: Verizon Wireless
Representative: David Kirk, Jenna Lee, Jennifer B Blackburn (Troutman Sanders LLP, Attorney)
Applicant’s Intent: To locate a 110-foot monopole telecommunications tower.
Planning Commission Recommendation: Approval w/staff conditions
District Three

84-95 11. Case # CUP15-000001
Proposed Use: School K-12, Private
Existing Zoning: AR (Agricultural Residential)
Location: 155 Hopewell Church Road (West Side)
759 Feet of Frontage
Hopewell Church Road (East Side)
455.5 Feet of Frontage
Hwy. 81 (Wet Side)
448.1 Feet of Frontage
Parcel Size: 9 Acres
Tax Parcel: 31-24
Owner: Hopewell ARP Church
Petitioner: John Gardner West
Representative: John Gardner West
Applicant’s Intent: To develop a private school associated with the church, for a maximum of 35 students from Kindergarten to 12th grade
Planning Commission Recommendation: Approval w/ conditions
District One

96-104 12. Case # REZ15-00028
Existing Land Use Map: DN (Development Node)
Proposed Zoning: RE (Rural Estate)
Existing Zoning: A (Agricultural)
Watershed: Alcovy River & Bear Creek
Location: 139 Cedar Lane (Northwest Side)
1447.38 Feet of Frontage
Parcel Size: 25.115 Acres
Tax Parcel: 112.12
Owner: Hunter/Fowler LP
Petitioner: Charles D. Tuller
Representative: Charles D. Tuller
Applicant’s Intent: To subdivide the property into 3 residential tracts
Planning Commission Recommendation: Approval w/staff conditions
District One

Case #: REZ15-000210
Existing Land Use Map: RR (Rural Residential)
Proposed Zoning: AR (Agricultural Residential)
Existing Zoning: A (Agricultural)
Watershed: Alcovy River
Location: 735 Henderson Mill Road (Northeast Side)
1029.18 Feet of Frontage
Parcel Size: 5 acres of 65.76 acre tract
Tax Parcel: 86-8
Owner: RK Georgia Holdings LLC
Petitioner: JB Rutland
Representative: JB Rutland
Applicant’s Intent: To rezone 5 acres of the parent parcel in order to subdivide the property into 2 tracts. The 60.76 acre-tract will remain A (Agricultural)
Planning Commission Recommendation: Approval w/conditions
District Five

8. Citizen Comments
9. Commissioner Comments
10. Executive Session (if needed)
11. Adjourn