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Q&A: Chad Estes
Social Circle complex hosts first football game
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Social Circle High School opened its new complex this season and will host its first football game of the season on Friday night. Redskins’ head coach Chad Estes speaks on the upcoming game against Temple, what it means to his team and why you should come out and watch.

The Covington News: Since this is your first home game in the new complex, do you think that adds a little bit of nervousness to the kids? If so, how do you deal with that?

Chad Estes: It’s certainly generated a lot of excitement with the kids and the community. We’re just trying to use it as a positive. We certainly have talked about it. I want the kids to really enjoy the moment, but we’ve also talked about they’re there to play the game. So it’s not something that we’ve ignored or just think it’s not gonna happen. It is gonna be very exciting for them. I want them to enjoy it, but we want them to be prepared to play because that’s what their role is in this event.

CN: You were able to get two weeks off after your first game. How has that helped you, as far as preparing your team for this next one?

Estes: I think it came at a great time for us. We’re still a very young football team. I really think we’ve made some improvements over the last two weeks. I think we’re really heading in the right direction. I’m excited about the direction of the program and the attitude that the kids have had. Certainly, we’re disappointed after that first week. Sometimes you find some things out about yourself and you come back and go to work. You go to correct and the kids have done everything we’ve asked you to do.

CN: Going into this game against Temple, what are some of the things that you’ve seen on film that you’d like to exploit?

Estes: I’m gonna start on the defensive side of the ball. We can’t give up the big play. We’ve gotta do a great job of containing their skilled athletes. I think they’ve got some tremendous skill kids at receiver and the running back position. We’ve gotta be able to contain those kids and offensively it’s all about execution. The kids have shown me they can do it at different times, they’ve just gotta be able to put it all together when the lights are on.

CN: Coming off that loss, what are some of the things that you want them to improve on?

Estes: It’s still such a learning experience for all of our young kids. There are so many things they need to learn about the game and the positions they play. We’ve gotta get better at being more physical. This game’s not nearly as complicated as sometimes you wanna make it out to be. It still comes down to blocking and tackling. We’ve worked real hard on the fundamentals in our off week. This week we’ve worked hard on the gameplan that we’ve put in for Temple. I feel like the kids have responded and they’ve been attentive. They’re watching film and I’m trying to put them in situations, hopefully like they’re gonna see on Friday night.

CN: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Estes: It’s an exciting time. I can’t believe that anybody – not just here in Social Circle, I know all of Social Circle is gonna be here – to me this is a place you’d like to be to see this event because we’ve got such a great complex. We’re really wanting to show it off, not only to our community but the surrounding communities. If you’re free on Friday night, you need to come out to Social Circle.