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A new beginning
Q&A: Chad Estes

Here you will find a breakdown of the Redskins’ team roster. There are individual sections, each devoted to a different concept. All of the following information was provided by head coach Chad Estes. Below you will find the projected starters on offense and defense. The impact players, as chosen by Estes, which are players who are very good at their positions and are bound to have a good season, which will have a big impact on the team. The MIP is the most improved player. The breakout player is exactly that, a player who surprised coach in camp and could have a huge year. The x-factor is a player with potential and if he buys into the system and works hard, could have a good season.

Impact Players

QB – Blake Brock 10th – Blake got lots of playing time as a freshman last season. He is a competitor who has all the tools to play QB.

DE – Colton Stairs 12th – Colton has the potential to bring some physicality to our defensive line. We expect him to be a disruptive force.

CB – Travis Guinn – 10th Travis has been our most physical DB this fall. We are looking for him to have a outstanding season.


LB – Tucker Marks 12th – Tucker is our most improved player from the spring. He needs to be a dominating inside force for our defense.


FB – Jeremy Elder 12th – Jeremy is has the potential to be our breakout player. He is our fastest player on the team. He will get the opportunity to carry the ball a lot this season.


SS – Santainer Gaither – 11th Santainer is our X factor player. He has good size and speed. He will need to anchor the edge of our defense. He will also get the opportunity to play an important role on offense.

Social Circle High School, which hasn’t won a game since 2011, isn’t just beginning a new season, it’s beginning a new life, at least in football. With a brand new athletic complex featuring new turf on their very own football field, the Redskins aren’t looking to change their past — just their future. The Covington News sat down with new head coach Chad Estes to discuss the future of Social Circle football.

The Covington News: I know you guys haven’t been able to get those wins these last couple years like you want to, but with the new complex how do you feel that will energize your team?

Chad Estes: Well, I’m new here too, I just started in February so this will be my first year. One of my main goals when I got here was to get more students out to play football. Things have been kind of rough the last couple of years. I think the complex has added some extra motivation to kind of overshadow some of the past history of the football team. It’s brought some renewed enthusiasm. Certainly, I know I’ve got a number of kids to come out who did not play last year. Being a small school, we need all of our athletes to be multiple sport players. We got some new faces that didn’t play last year. Hopefully, that will help make a difference in the outcome of our season.

CN: It seems like you have a bit of experience on your team, but looking at quarterback, you have a sophomore. How do you feel his growth will affect your season?

Estes: Fortunately he got a lot of playing time as a freshman. He’s a starter on our baseball team, so he’s already been in a lot of contests. One thing that Blake has, he’s a competitor. He likes to compete. Certainly, we’re not gonna ask him to go out there and try to do it by himself. But we certainly think he can have a huge impact on the success of our football team.

CN: What new identity are you trying to bring to the team offensively? Are you gonna play smashmouth-style football? Option? Triple option? Read-option?

Estes: One of the first things we’re trying to establish here, is we need some more physicality on both sides of the ball. There’s been a lot more one-on-one, best-on-best with an emphasis on trying to be more physical. The game still comes down to fundamentals, we’ve got to be able to block we’ve got to be able to tackle. We focused on that a lot earlier. Offensively, all I’ll say is I think we’re going to try to do something to help equalize the playing field. We play some very talented teams. We’re going to try to maximize our potential, to maybe allow us to take advantage of the other folks natural abilities.

CN: What would you say are some of the strengths of this team?

Estes: I think it’s the attitude of the team. You wouldn’t think with the past history that these kids have been apart of. We’re still a very young football team, but I think we’re developing a very close-knit group. They’ve really bought in to what we’ve gotta do to change the culture of football here in Social Circle and get to where we need to be. They’ve been great in terms of doing what the coaches have asked them to do. Great attendance. We had a good summer. Each day is another day. We just take it one day at a time, and we’re just trying to get better.

CN: Coach, how do you go about changing that culture, that DNA? Sometimes teams get stuck in that losing mode. How do you go about changing that?

Estes: To me it starts with myself and my coaches. It’s about being prepared and organized, and showing leadership. Again, I’m not looking back, I’m looking forward. They need to understand the attitude of the coaches: very positive, this is what we’ve gotta do. We’ve got a plan and we’re going to do it.

CN: What kind of leader would you say you are?

Estes: I feel like I’m the first one here, and the last one to leave. I’m a team player. I don’t wanna get to high, I don’t wanna get to low. I tell the kids all the time I wish I was born in Missouri because I’m a firm believer in the show-me state and they know what they’re going to get out of me. Something very consistent. I try to be real with them. I talk to them about reality, but this is sport is a show-me sport. I’m not a talker, you gotta show me what you can do.