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Peachtree Academy to initiate a baseball glove giveback to Hurricane Irma victims
Peachtree Baseball
The Peachtree Academy baseball team, winners of the 2017 GICAA state championship, will lead an effort to give back to hurricane victims. - photo by File Photo

COVINGTON, Ga. -- The Peachtree Academy baseball teams will be collecting new and used gloves and baseballs for players in the southern Florida area affected by Hurricane Irma. 

The school is initiating an effort that baseball coach Skip Argo said is not just a Peachtree Academy thing, but something he’s hoping can gain momentum throughout the community. 

“We’re trying to figure out something to help,” Argo said. “Everybody is sending water supplies and things like that. And we said maybe we can do something based on what we do and we know. We thought some folks who maybe don’t have much in the first place, might all of a sudden look around and realize they don’t have gloves to play baseball in the spring. We wanted to try and fill that need.”

The collection for gloves and equipment will go through December 15, then be shipped to a selected youth organization or school in the area. Argo said the giveback initiative is called, “Gloves for the Game". 

“We didn’t feel like we needed to try to save the world or recreate the wheel, but do what we could do from our place of influence to meet a small need,” Argo said.

We are asking the community for help in gathering enough gloves to make a difference in the lives of young players whose families lost so much during the storm. 

The school’s goal is to collect 50 baseball gloves, but with a community effort, Argo said he’s hoping for 100 gloves to send down to Florida, come December. 

“We’re not going to just make this a Peachtree Academy thing, but a community effort from Covington and all of Newton County,” Argo said.

The coach also pointed out that used gloves are fine, but all gloves donated need to be in usable condition. 

Gloves may be dropped off at the front lobby of Peachtree Academy. They can also be shipped to Peachtree Academy, 14101 Hwy 278 Covington, GA 30014. The Peachtree Academy Baseball team will also pick up gloves from your residence or business.

If you’re interested in donating, you can call 678-729-9111 or email Argo at