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FOOTBALL: Six Questions with Newton cornerback Nyland Green
Green picked up an offer from Boston College Thursday afternoon
Nyland Green
Newton junior cornerback Nyland Green (11) has gone from a converted wide receiver to a four-star defensive back in just the past year. -photo by Gabriel Stovall

COVINGTON, Ga. — What started as a part-experiment, part-depth chart building move has turned into a likely ticket to playing Power Five football one day. Nyland Green, Newton’s 6-foot-3, 175-pound class of 2021 4-star cornerback has gone from wide receiver hopeful into one of the fastest rising defensive back prospects in Georgia. 

Corroborating that fact is Green’s latest offer from Boston College that came Thursday afternoon in addition to overtures from Rutgers and UCF. Green took a little time between classes at Newton and spring football practice to talk with The Covington News sports editor Gabriel Stovall about his quick rise up the recruiting charts and the new vibe around Newton Rams football this offseason. 

STOVALL: The offers are starting to pile up for you now. What’s it been like for you since the recruiting process is starting to heat up?

GREEN: “It’s been really good. I haven’t been rushing anything. I just let everything fall into place, and it’s really fun getting to meet new coaches from different schools.”

STOVALL: How did the Boston College offer come about? What was your first reaction when it came your way?

GREEN: “The coach came to the school today and he wanted to see four players. I was one out of the four, and he pulled me off to the side and said he’s here to offer me a scholarship, and all I could really do is smile and say, ‘Thank you.’” 

STOVALL: Your journey has taken you from wanting to be a wide receiver to being a 4-star DB and one of the most intriguing defensive back talents in the country. Have you pretty much fallen out of love with being a WR at this point? 

GREEN: “It was definitely an interesting journey from transferring from a wide receiver to a DB, but it was fun. And no, I still have the ability to play both wide receiver and defensive back just like I’m doing for this season. I’m still gonna do it because both positions help me better my skills and both positions develop me as I try to become a better player.” 

STOVALL: What’s been the best part of the spring football practice sessions so far? How have things been different with Coach Grant?

GREEN: “Spring practice has been just amazing. Just flying around with my teammates is outstanding. Hitting as a DB and being on both offense and defense has been great. Coach Grant is doing amazing. He has really turned the whole practice system around, and everyone is always running to the next drill. It moves very smoothly.” 

STOVALL: At times your inexperience showed as a corner last year as you were learning the position. How have you gotten better during the offseason and what kind of player do you think people are going to see out of you this year?

GREEN: “I just stay consistent on working out and doing drills and watching film. This year I’m a bigger and more confident DB. I’m way more confident in myself out there than I was last season, but this year, it’s going to be a movie — not only for me, but for my whole team.” 

STOVALL: I have to ask you this: If there was a dream school out there that you’d really want to get an offer from, what would that school be?

GREEN: “I really don’t know, honestly. Wherever God takes me, that’s where I’ll want to go.”