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Eagles, birdies and geese at The Oaks
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You’ll find a lot more Audubon life than just birdies and eagles at the Oaks Course.

The 275-acre golf course is home to a variety of plants and wildlife, but let’s focus on the unique species of birds you may spot as you drive down the cart path.

One of the most abundant residents is the killdeer, which constantly runs around the course throughout the day.

Light brown in color with distinctive black bands across their forehead and around their neck and breast, killdeer are known for the theatrics they put on when threatened.

The killdeer protect their nests by leaving the immediate area and putting one wing out as if it were broken and calling out in distress. We resorted to chasing a couple around with a golf cart to see the act, but apparently it’s harder to make them feel threatened than you would think.

Canada Geese also can be spotted in the morning, late afternoons or throughout the day around the lakes of the course on cool days. These adorable families of a mother, father and three or four goslings are always a treat to spot. That is until you step in the gifts they leave all over the golf course.

Oh well… I guess there’s a price to pay for everything.

Great Blue Herons neighbor the geese in the lakes and can be seen stalking fish in the water, which is fun to see if you like watching grass grow.

These graceful birds nest in trees close to lakes or wetlands, building a bulky stick nest in which the female lays three to five pale blue eggs. They have also been known to re-use their nests from prior years by adding sticks to them… wish I could remodel annually…

Last but not least, The Oaks Course is also called home by the Anhinga, an interesting-looking bird to match that interesting name. According to The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the Anhinga is a large water bird with a long neck, bill, and tail. It is found only in the Deep South during the summer months and in Florida and South America year-round. Because of their behavior while swimming and their wide tails, Anhingas are also known as Water-turkeys and Snake-birds.

As you can see, The Oaks Course is not only a golf course; it’s also a great place to relax away from the office and see Mother Nature’s wonders. So come out, grab a golf cart for a round of golf, and wonder what other sights you’ll see as you ride around the course.

Jackie Shulz is a member of The Oaks Course located at 11240 Brown Bridge Road. The Oaks can be reached at 770-786-3801.