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Everybody in the pool
Covington YMCA Piranhas begin Rockdale Swim League
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The biggest threat to safety in summer sports is the heat.

Members of the Covington YMCA and neighborhoods throughout Rockdale County found a way to counteract that by keeping the competition in the pool.

The Covington Y Piranhas are one of six teams to participate in the Rockdale Swim League, helping to keep children ages 5-18 active in a safe competitive environment.

Erin Gorman started the Piranhas in 2006 and has been its coach ever since. She's been a good choice to lead the only non-Rockdale team into competition as she was once a member of the Meadowbrook team the Covington Y will face this season.

She elected to continue her involvement in the sport because of what the league can offer young swimmers.

"It is a great sport for the kids to get involved in," Gorman said. "And I like the league because it's very diverse in skill level. It's great for beginning swimmers and great for experts; everyone feels included."

Covington held its first practice Tuesday, and will continue to work on endurance, techniques and different strokes leading up to the start of the season.

"We refine stroke technique and endurance, being able to swim two or four laps without stopping,"
Gorman said. "They learn different strokes. Sometimes they'll come to us and only know freestyle, so we may teach them things like the butterfly and breaststroke."

The league meets twice a week at pools throughout Rockdale beginning Monday, June 11. Covington will face the Brentwood Barracudas in the first meet, followed by the Westchester Lakes on Thursday, June 14. The Piranhas will take Gorman back to her old neighborhood pool when the two teams face off in the pool on Monday, June 18.

The season culminates in the County Meet at Johnson Park on June 30, beginning at 9 a.m.

"It's safe sport because you can't tear your ACL or something," Gorman said. "It's great for the whole family."