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Dennis Hill running to Shorter University after scholarship signing
Dennis Hill signing
Dennis Hill inked his national letter of intent on May 23 to run track at Shorter University - photo by Special Photo

COVINGTON, Ga. — Family, friends, teammates and coaches all gathered inside Alcovy High School’s media center on May 23 to celebrate Dennis Hill’s signing. 

Hill inked his national letter of intent to run track at Shorter University. 

After the ceremony, Hill was overjoyed to witness that moment in his career.  was over, Hill 

“It felt unreal in all honesty,” Hill said. “Signing day was something that I had always dreamed of when I was younger. So, to be able to experience this moment in real time was truly a blessing.” 

When asked why Shorter University — based in Rome, Georgia — was his final decision, Hill’s response was quite thorough. 

“Shorter University has always been on my radar,” Hill said. “I wanted a school who first cared about their students and provided me with the right environment to keep my focus on the right things. I also looked for a school that provided my specific majors and they exceeded my expectations in every way possible. 

“In coaches, I wanted ones that cared for me as both a student and an athlete; that cared to see me thrive in all aspects of life and with Shorter University. That is indeed what I found. Alcovy High School has done well, exposing me and holding me to collegiate expectations. That applies to both sports and academics.”

Hill recognized the important role his Alcovy and teachers have played in getting him to this moment, too. 

“I want to take this time to thank my coaches over the years, especially the ones this year for pushing me to unthinkable extents and believing in my talent,” Hill said. “I also want to thank the academic staff of Alcovy High School, and the Newton College and Career Academy, for preparing me for the next level in every way possible.”