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AOTW: Menchaca’s hat trick leads to win
Tania Menchaca - photo by Special Photo

COVINGTON, Ga. — The Alcovy Lady Tigers recently got in the win column for the first time this season with a 3-2 victory over Salem on March 21. All three goals in the win were scored by Tania Menchaca, a sophomore on this year’s Lady Tigers squad. 

While Menchaca was thrilled to score a hat trick, she was quick to recognize her teammates’ help in accomplishing such a feat. 

“When I scored the first goal, a rush of energy and excitement filled me because it was our first goal of the season,” Menchaca said. “I quickly rushed towards my teammates to hug them and congratulate them for working together to score our first goal.” 

One goal came off an assist from Gracie Vinzant and another was courtesy of a penalty kick. 

Menchaca continued by saying she had scored a hat trick on other levels of competition, but that March 21’s hat trick was the first of her high school career. 

But her scoring ability isn’t what Menchaca highlighted as the area she believes she has improved the most this season. 

“During preseason conditioning, we would play some teamwork-related games, and I always had a hard time opening my mouth to communicate with my teammates,” Menchaca said. “Now, I can actually open my mouth, and make something come out that would be helpful.” 

 Scoring goals for the Lady Tigers soccer team isn’t the only thing Menchaca does as a student at Alcovy High School. In addition to her position on the soccer field, Menchaca is also a member of Alcovy’s chapter of FFA. Right now, she’s just a member but aspires to run for an officer position in her junior year. 

Currently, Menchaca is taking Essentials to Biotechnology at the Newton College and Career Academy (NCCA). And, even though she’s a sophomore, Menchaca says this class has birthed her future plans for after high school. 

“I plan to attend college to get a degree in biotechnology and become an agricultural biotechnologist, which is someone who can genetically modify plants to help them grow better or medicines for animals to improve health,” Menchaca said. 

But, for now, Menchaca is focused on the remainder of the soccer season for the Lady Tigers. She believes that, with the mindset of her and her teammates, they can accomplish much more this season. 

“I love each of my teammates and coaches very much,” Menchaca said. “I will always remember this team as the team who never gave up and always tried their hardest no matter what the score is.”