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Woman, daughter held at gunpoint
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A Conyers woman and her daughter were held at gun point as two men tried to rob her house on Jan. 28.

The 36-year old victim was sitting in her room as her daughter was playing on the laptop around midnight. She dozed off before waking up to the sound of someone running up the stairs.

According to Conyers Police Department reports, when she opened her eyes she saw two black males running in her room with hand guns. The victim described them as two males 5-foot-10 to 6-foot tall and possibly in their 30s dressed in all black with black stocking caps.

One of the suspects "demanded to know where the money was." The victim said she didn't have any money and that they could search the house.

The gun-wielding men than asked where was her man and she replied she did not know.

The suspects then held guns to her and her daughter's head and told them to keep their faces down. They then tied their hands behind their backs.

After waiting for some time to make sure the robbers left, she got off the bed, and couldn't find her cell phone which was stolen. According to the report, nothing else was taken. The suspects left before police arrived.

She then went to her neighbor's house to call the police, her sister and her boyfriend, who could not be reached.
When officers arrived, they found the rear door had been forced open, possibly by prying it open.

The officer noticed that cabinet doors and drawers in the kitchen were open, and had been rummaged through.

According to reports, there was an older model Camaro in the garage with the trunk and both doors open. Upstairs the master bed room was in disarray the cushions to the chairs were thrown on the floor and the laptop was on the bed and the screen broken.