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Woman arrested for animal cruelty
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A resident of Pinedale Circle in Conyers was arrested last week on charges of 'humane treatment of animals' after a concerned neighbor called authorities in June.

Sophia Shantell Saunders, 32, of 1148 Pinedale Circle, was arrested on Oct. 9 for allegedly leaving two large dogs and a puppy chained in her backyard without food and water. One of the large dogs had reportedly severely injured the puppy when the two dogs' cables became entwined.

According to the police report, Saunders allegedly told authorities that she had left food and water for the dogs when she left town for Florida on June 23 and would return on June 25.

Animal control took possession of the puppy but left food and water for the other two dogs and returned to check on their welfare on June 25. 

The city's humane treatment of animals ordinance states: "No person, corporation or other entity having an animal in its possession and/or control, shall fail to provide said animal sufficient food, water, shelter and adequate protection from the elements. Veterinary care, when needed, to prevent suffering to said animal, shall be provided and, further, said animal shall be treated with humane care at all times."