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When tricking is a compliment

Take some martial arts, a little tumbling (cheerleader style, yo!) and some break dancing, throw those altogether and what do you have? A sport called tricking! And if it sounds like fun to you – and why wouldn’t it? – Then you should check out the Red Bull Throw Down this weekend at Center Stage. Athletes from around the world perform in front of a panel of judges to win the top spot. If you’re still a little confused, then think about it like this. You’ve got athletes doing flips and kicks – hardcore ones, not some Tae-Bo nonsense – without any trampolines, wires or other wizardry. It’s considered an extreme sport and although it’s been underground for a while, it’s quickly catching on. It’s also super fun to watch, especially since it looks like these athletes SHOULD have to use wizardry to make their bodies do these things!

Price: Free!