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Welcome to Your Weekend: Throw Handfuls of Happy All Around
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Sometimes we all need a celebration of celebration. While that might be the world's most redundant sentence, it's also an accurate one. Occasionally it's advantageous to unwind with a little merriment for merriment's sake. The Atlanta Color festival commemorates all that is happy, carefree, and positive and promotes expelling any bad feelings. There's no better way to tap into life's joy than music, dancing, eating, and showering random strangers and beloved friends with brilliantly colored pigment. The intensely colored dust is made from food grade cornstarch and other plant-based biodegradable products, so you don't have to worry about any toxic elements. As this festival has roots in ancient India's Holi festival, there is also an element of eastern culture found here. Yoga instructors will be downward dogging for the masses and bands specializing in cross cultural tunes will take the stage.

Speaking of celebration, this leisurely summertime pace affords us a little extra time to get celebrate and support our community through engaging in recurring weekly events. Local bars boast trivia nights for those who want a bit of intellectual competition, karaoke for those who need the spotlight, and Texas Hold ‘Em nights for those whose desires are shrouded in mystery because their poker faces are that good. Involvement with weekly or monthly meetings of neighbors with similar interests fosters a diverse and active city. The CRCA understands this need for connection, so the Community Drum Circle will be making its reappearance in Olde Town this Friday. Spectators and participants can enjoy the experience of multiple musicians collaborating to bring music to the garden.

You can also stop by the Nancy Guinn Memorial Library to learn about their free youth events going on throughout the summer. Even though their passion is literature, the staff has striven to create a summer schedule with something educational for everyone. Enjoy a Lego creation day, magic shows, puppet shows, and hands-on science experiments. To get active you can check out public parks for summer leagues and camps to try out.

Can't find a group that focuses on your specific interest? Make it. Most local businesses are advocates of community engagement and eager to host meet ups, book clubs, topical discussion groups, etc. If you think your interest is far too abnormal to find like-minded individuals, you might be pleasantly surprised.

So spend your next few days throwing handfuls of happy at the Color Festival, composing a rhythmic beat at the drum circle, or practicing your trivia speed with Jeopardy reruns. Just make sure you're celebrating.