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Welcome to your Weekend: 'Hrrrrnnnngggg!' goes the zombie
Do something nerdy this weekend.

Hrrrrnnnngggg. For those of you who aren’t fluent in zombie speak, that means “you’ll have to run faster than that, you silly delicious human.” Whether you’re dodging the undead or rushing between special guest panels, one thing is abundantly clear…this weekend belongs to the nerds.

Cards on the table: I’m a nerd. The word has lost its derogatory sting for most, and is embraced as a banner of self-acceptance. All that it really means is that you are shamelessly passionate about your interests. You can be a nerd when it comes to pretty much anything. Can you recall and flawlessly site baseball stats? Maybe you’re a nerd about sports. Do you lecture your friends on the proper use of semicolons? Grammar nerd. Luckily for the pop culturally inclined, this weekend is a haven for comic book, television, game, and movie nerds. The Walking Dead Escape obstacle course and the 2014 Wizard World Atlanta Comicon are both in town. 

The zombie virus spreads through the Phillip’s arena during The Walking Dead Escape this weekend. This unique fan experience was put together by the same minds that developed and produced the original Walking Dead comic books, so you know you’re in good, although slightly grimy, hands. Contaminated evacuation zones make up the obstacle course and participants can choose to be brave survivors or hungry zombies. Survivors get the thrill of ducking and dodging their way through the course on their quest for the decontamination area, while zombies get professional makeup and tips on how to groan and stagger their way to catching the tastiest humans. Spectators simply get to kick back in the stands and watch the chaos unfold. Comic book purists and TV junkies can both agree that there’s enough brain-munching fun to satisfy everyone. 

Comicon, North America’s largest touring pop-culture expo, hits Atlanta this weekend. Industry professionals and celebrities will be on hand to answer your burning questions. Actors, writers, and comic artists share their experience, and usually their autographs, with eager fans. Comicon also allows megafans to connect with a community of likeminded people who can thoroughly appreciate their fervor. Even if it isn’t your scene, the costume contest guarantees unparalleled people-watching. A convention would be nothing without its costume contestants. Fans' outfits range from incredibly complex to quite simplistic, so don’t be intimidated to come as you are. There’s a wide range of toys and collectibles for sale, as well as art from aspiring visual artists in the field. 

If trying to decide between these two events is ripping you apart (you know, in a strictly metaphoric, non- zombie dinner kind of way) then purchase a combo ticket. Yes, decision-challenged friends, for once you can have both. So grab your tickets, grab your sonic screwdrivers, and, for the love of George Takei, do something nerdy this weekend.

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