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Welcome to Your Weekend: An Awesome Odd Coupling

The Sometimes nothing hits the spot like an odd pairing. Like a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Fusion can be incredibly refreshing. Mixing things up can result in flavors, colors, musical styles, etc. that strangely and unexpectedly complement each other. Fusing two different genres together in the entertainment world can result in unforgettable evenings on the town. 

Agatha’s blends comedy, dinner theatre, and murder mystery on a regular basis, but their new show has an extra twist. Instead of a classic murder mystery setting complete with trained English butler, they’ve chosen to frame their drama in the highly glamorized world of AMC’s hit show MadMen. Channeling all the 1960’s flare of the acclaimed TV show, Agatha’s Dead Men: Murder on Madison Avenue features a wildly successful ad agency crippled by a slew of unexplained disappearances. The famous characters have been renamed (Don Draper meet your twin, Don Dripper). Agatha’s loves audience participation, so they’ll be plenty of opportunities for you to interact with the show as the action is unfolding. Bonus: It’s dinner theatre... Meaning food…Five glorious courses of food. A glass of complimentary wine, coffee, or tea comes with your meal, and a fully stocked bar will be open in case you work up a thirst. Tickets for this evening of entertainment run at $60 a person and includes your fantastic meal and the three hour show. 

TAP-A-CE-TIC enthralls all of your sense at once. Six professional tap dancers bring their amazing skills to the stage. Each thoughtfully choreographed number also includes live musical accompaniment, technological enhancements, and other visual aids that support the rhythmic performance. The artist behind this show strive to make this event more than a simple tap show; they want to create a mood and to have their entire audience swept away in the feeling of the show. This goal is achieved through multiple sensory-engaging additions to the show that aid the audience member’s ability to let go and focus solely on the action on stage. Grab your ticket and prepare to get swept away in the magic of dance. 

If you’re looking to stay local, check out Dexter Tolson & Friends at the Center Streets Arts black box in Olde Town. This Atlanta-based band serves up an intriguing mixture of jazz, funk, and rhythm & blues. Their smooth compilations range from high-spirited numbers to soothing melodies that foster relaxation. This Conyers-Rockdale Council for the Arts Event requires a ticket and there will be plenty of beer and wine for sale so you can treat yourself to a drink while basking in the expert arrangements of Dexter Tolson & Friends. 

May your weekend be filled with delightfully mismatched pairings that turn your favorite category of event on its side. At the very least, I’m sure you’re craving a peanut butter and banana sandwich now, right?