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'Weather Rocks'

Being a parent requires keeping things in perspective. It's about knowing that every screaming, kicking, flop-in-the-floor temper tantrum will be balanced on the other side by that perfect moment when your angelic child brings home a homemade Valentine made just for you. It's knowing that for every "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle'' movie you snooze through, there will be a great kid flick like "Toy Story'' that you'll laugh through. And it's knowing that even though, decades later, the "Barney song'' will still be stuck in your head, so, too, will that Sesame Street classic, "Put Down the Duckie.''

It is in that spirit that we can, without fear of our own personal safety, follow up "Snowjam 2014'' by pointing you in the direction of the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta and its new show, "Weather Rocks.''

Yes, "Weather Rocks,'' with singing, dancing meteorologists explaining the wiles of Mother Nature. (It's not that much of stretch, is it? The names Al Roker and Jim Cantore spring to mind.)

The show, recommended for ages 4 and up, uses everything from gospel and r&b to punk and ska to explain sunshine, hurricanes, and, yes, snow, to the little ones. They'll be mesmerized while you marvel at the puppet artistry. (Rod, shadow, body and string puppets are all part of the show.)

"Weather Rocks'' runs through March 23.