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We named the dog Indiana

It's Father's Day weekend and what better way to honor your dad then by taking him to The Fox for a showing of the classic action movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark." All guys love this movie and consider it one of the best movies ever, and certainly, the best one in the Indiana Jones series. I'm partial to "Temple of Doom," but was told (by a guy) that I am an idiot for thinking that. The Fox is beautiful, and while you might have to drag a guy there to see "Phantom of the Opera," a showing of a classic action movie is probably something you can get him to super easily. Go early enough to stop next door at the Broadway Diner and have some yummy Greek food before you take yourself back in time 30 years to watch Indy and the dude whose face melts off.

Price: $7.50-$8.50

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