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Washington: Vote local to affect national
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The quote "all politics is local" rings truer today than it did when the late Congressman Tip O'Neill popularized the phrase decades ago.

Just more than two months into what promises to be an exciting election year, more candidates have announced their run for office in Rockdale than I have seen in recent history. I am sure there are many more mulling bids or awaiting the opportune time to make their runs known publicly.

This means we must keep our ears open to what's going on nationally, and our eyes affixed on what's going on locally. We need to closely watch what's happening in our own backyard because decisions made by those elected from the bottom of the ticket will have a more direct impact on our quality of life than the decisions made by those whose names appear at the top. Our ability to draw benefits from relationships at the state and federal levels will depend on who is at the helm at the local level. In fact, the more successful we are at ensuring our local candidates are elected, the greater our contributions will be to getting President Obama reelected in November.

In March, we will have our first opportunity to exercise our local power. With President Obama set as the Democratic Nominee, the Presidential Preference Primary is merely a formality. Our preference for president is clear. However, in Rockdale, we will also have an opportunity to vote on the Sunday liquor sales referendum. Regardless of which side of the argument you fall, this vote will have a direct impact on our community. And the only place to have your say on this issue is inside the ballot box on election day.

In 2012, we must make the commitment to think Rockdale. With several elected positions up for bid this year, including Board of Commissioners and school board seats, we can't afford to not to. The key to ensuring President Obama stays in the White House is to pay attention to what is going on in our house. We must take action locally and get involved locally. Only then will we effect change right here in our county and ensure progress in our country. It is true that all politics is local; therefore our focus and action must be as well.

Tisa Washington
Chairman, Rockdale Democratic Party