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Walk of Heroes open July 4

All those looking for something to do on the Fourth of July, since the Conyers Fabulous Fourth is canceled this year, can celebrate their patriotism at the Walk of Heroes Veterans War Memorial located in Black Shoals Park.

The memorial will be open from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. special for July 4th. The memorial is developed around a visual and interactive concept to cultivate a public understanding of the sacrifices made by veterans on the battlefields during and since the 20th century and by their families whose sacrifices helped to protect and maintain the freedom enjoyed by Americans today.

“I think it’s very important to have some opportunity to allow citizens to honor America’s 236th birthday,” said Walk of Heroes board chairman Tommy Clack

“The 4th of July is something that used to be very important to the people, but I feel like we’ve sort of lost that special feeling to it. We need to regain it and honor this important day for our country” said WWII veteran Bud Soesbee, who has been one of the major forces behind the project.

“The memorial is really just a thank you to all the veterans out there, and it’s also designed with children in mind. We’re hoping to teach the kids what the war was like, and get them to understand the wars from our past. We want to teach them about true patriotism,” Soesbee said.

There will be an information booth, but no formal programming. Instead it will be an opportunity to learn about the memorial through taking tours of the grounds as well as a chance to enjoy some patriotic music.

In addition to making engraved pavers available for sponsors along the walkway, the memorial will also kick off a new program. “We kicked off a new program called Sustaining Membership that will allow organizations, civic groups, churches to play a role in sustaining the memorial out there.”

The first level is Eagle at a $50 donation, and goes all the way up to a Four Star General at a donation of $1000. Brick pavers can also be purchased in honor of or in memory of veterans who served in any branch of the U.S. military during the 20th and 21st century. All funds will go towards raising money for costs of future construction.

The memorial is located in Black Shoals Park at 3001 Black Shoals Road Conyers, GA 30012, and more information can be found at