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Waffle House held up at gunpoint
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Conyers police are looking for two men who held up the Waffle House at gunpoint on West Avenue in Conyers late Tuesday night on Sept. 7 and are also suspected of holding up a Waffle House in DeKalb County.

Dispatchers received a call around 11 p.m. that an armed robbery was in progress by two black males with a handgun.

By the time police arrived, the suspects had fled the area. Officers made contact with witnesses, many of whom were Waffle House employees.

One employee was sitting in a chair near the cash register when the two armed men entered the restaurant. As they entered, they immediately pointed their gun at a table of guests, shouting for them to not move. The armed suspect then approached the employee near the cash register and demanded all the money in the register.

The suspect moved behind the counter and pressed the gun against the employee's side as the employee attempted to open the cash register. The suspect then pushed another employee down to the ground. The other suspect, who did not appear to be armed, waited on the customer side of the counter with a backpack.

The employee was eventually able to open the cash register. At that point, the unarmed suspect reached over the counter and grabbed the entire cash drawer from the register.

According to witnesses, both suspects then fled the restaurant, turning left toward Dogwood Drive in the direction of Taylor Street. The victim who was held at gunpoint said the entire incident happened very quickly; lasting approximately one minute.

Both suspects are described as young black males, between the ages of 16-20. Both were about 5' 7" tall and about 150 pounds. Both suspects concealed their faces with black cloth.

During the investigation, Conyers Police learned another robbery at a Waffle House in DeKalb County had occured. The suspects in the DeKalb robbery very closely resembled the two suspects from the Conyers incident.

Anyone with information on the suspects or the incident can contact the Conyers Police Department at 770-483-6600 and anonymous tips can be left at 770-483-8477 (TIPS).