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Virginia Johns

Virginia Marie (Ginny) Johns passed away at her home in Conyers on Sept. 28 at the age of 94. She was born in Winsor Locks, Connecticut to Guereno and Virginia Mangiarotti and had two sisters and a brother. After graduating from Morse College, she was employed as a secretary at Hartford Insurance Company. At the end of WWII she was hired by the U.S. Occupation forces in Sendai, Japan and then transferred to Pusan, Korea where she took depositions from war prisoners.

Ginny was then transferred to Lavorno, Italy where she met and married her husband William Johns, a fellow government worker. From there they went to Orleans, France to his new assignment. There they had two sons, William and Robert. After four years in Orleans the family returned to Washington D.C. In 1972 the family moved to Conyers where her husband assumed the position of Director of the Postal Data Center.

Her boundless energy, keen eye for detail, intense loyalty, and generous heart made her a dearly loved member of every community she lived in.

She is survived by her husband; her two sons; a daughter-in-law, Stephanie Kallos; two grandsons, Noah and Sam Johns; and a granddaughter, Brynn McIntosh.

Her ashes will be placed at the columbarium at St. Simon’s Episcopal Church.  Memorial service will be Thursday, October 6 at St. Simon’s (1522 Hwy 138 NE, Conyers 30013) at 2 p.m.