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U.S. debt all time high
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US debt all time high

Dear Editor: This is just staggering data that the country has actually hit such an astronomical level of debt - $14 trillion. What is more troubling is that our current leaders in Washington still want to spend more money. You just can not spend your way out of the problems that this country is facing. We need to cut back on program spending and unidentified miscellaneous funds that are at a momentous level of hundreds of millions of dollars! There is so much "fluff" in our 2011 financial outlook and our current administration still wants to execute on introductory programs that the American taxpayer can no longer support. First of all you have fewer taxpayers because the unemployment rate is continuing to rise. We have large Fortune 500 companies that have moved all of their front line leadership positions overseas. As a nation we need to make it easier and less complicated for our companies to stay in America. Don't blame GM, Ford Motors or GE for wanting to make money; they have shareholders to answer to. Make it enticing for them; cut their tax burdens/bracket, award them with financial incentives to occupy large abandoned buildings within the US (there is quite a bit available). As a business owner myself, I understand why the 500 is shying away from our homeland; from dealing with the rising operating costs to ridiculously high taxes, why would they want to have their call centers or engineering departments here in the States.

I would like to ask all of you who are reading this article to write a letter of concern to our US Congressman Hank Johnson who represents us in Washington; ask him to be firm with a spending moratorium and demand that we stop spending money. Let's reach out to our corporations and figure out ways to make them bring back the thousands of jobs that are currently spread through the international community. We need to fix home right now, not the rest of the world. As a nation we have always focused on everybody else and now it is the time to take care of home. Join me in writing those letters to our Congressman and make your voices heard that we do not support any more spending and we are demanding that Washington set a timetable for cutting this deficit and bring this nation back to a surplus level.

Winston McDonald Jr.
Rockdale County