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UPDATED: Juveniles jump out of stolen vehicle
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UPDATE: Sadarius Demetrius Williams, 17, of  Decatur, and another teen male were arrested after being pulled over in a traffic stop for driving a vehicle that was reportedly stolen in carjacking. Two male teen passengers, younger than 17, were also in the car.

According to deputy reports, a Rockdale County Sheriff's Office deputy was turning onto I-20 from Salem Road and came behind a black Monte Carlo. The car then pulled over from the left lane to the right lane in the entrance ramp. After running the tag, the deputy learned the car had been reported stolen in an armed car jacking from DeKalb County.

After more units arrived on I-20, the deputy pulled over the car near Sigman Road. While the car was still rolling, a black male wearing a white shirt and gray sweatpants opened the front passenger side door and began to run. A black male wearing a dark colored jacket, later identified as Williams, also came out of the passenger door and began to run but was stopped by a deputy. The first male was also caught by a deputy as he attempted to run.

The car, which was still rolling, struck a deputy's motorcycle, knocking it over.

"I attempted to open the driver door to stop the car, but the door was locked," wrote the reporting deputy. "Additionally, I could not clearly see the rear passengers of the car due to dark tint on the windows."

The vehicle eventually came to a stop when it bumped against a tractor trailer.

Williams and the male in the front passenger seat of the car who tried to jump out and escape on foot were both charged with theft by receiving stolen property. Williams was also charged with obstruction of a law enforcement officer, recless conduct, and driving without a license.




(Nov. 15, 5:18 p.m.) IN BRIEF: Two male juveniles tried to jump out of a stolen vehicle when they were pulled over for a traffic stop by Rockdale County Sheriff's Office deputies on I-20 westbound around 2 p.m. Tuesday. The car, stolen out of DeKalb County, was pulled over for a traffic stop and was still rolling slowly when the driver and passenger opened the door and tried to jump out. They reportedly bumped into an RCSO motorcycle and were apprehended before they could get away. There were reportedly four male juveniles in the car altogether. The arrests and stop caused traffic backup on I-20.

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