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Undercover operation busts Conyers woman for dealing meth
Katie Treadwell

An undercover operation led to the charge of a Conyers woman for selling methamphetamine in a parking lot near busy restaurants and retail stores on Ga. Highway 138 in broad daylight.

Katie Lee Treadwell, 32, of Conyers, was charged with the sale of methamphetamines.

According to Rockdale County Sheriff's Office reports, the Rockdale County Narcotics and Vice Unit used an undercover agent to conduct a "controlled buy" from Treadwell.

Around 2 p.m. on May 3, the agent met Treadwell in the parking lot near Taco Bell and entered the back of a 2003 Honda Accord EX, which was registered to Treadwell.

"The undercover supplied Katie Treadwell with $120 of Rockdale County recorded funds in exchange for a clear bag which contained a crystal-like substance, (which was) supposed to be methamphetamine," wrote the reporting officer.

When the sale was finished, the undercover officer came back to a meeting place with other officers and confirmed that a previous mug shot of Treadwell was the same person that had sold the methamphetamine.

The drugs were sent to the crime lab for further testing.

Several weeks later, on May 21, Treadwell and a passenger, Jennifer Norton, 31, of Conyers, were stopped on Lake Rockaway Road as they entered the Lakeview Estates area. 

According to the RCSO report, a deputy had observed a blue Honda Accord with the passenger side door opening and an item being thrown out the door. 

When the deputy pulled over the Honda Accord, he observed that Treadwell, the driver, "was extremely nervous and her hands were shaking." 

The deputy reportedly asked if there was anything in the vehicle that would get Treadwell in trouble. "She stated the vehicle was hers but there was a lot of personal property in the vehicle that belonged to the passenger Jennifer Norton... She then stated I could search the vehicle," wrote the reporting deputy.

A search of the vehicle revealed a zippered bag with needles and baggies with a residue of methamphetamine in items belonging to Norton.

During the search, Treadwell was asked to step out and had to be told multiple times to have a seat on the patrol car bumper. She was put into handcuffs and placed in the back of the patrol car.

The passenger, Norton, had a Gwinnett County warrant for probation violation and was put into custody in the back of the patrol car.

"Several minutes later, I heard a Hispanic female yelling at us saying, 'She run.' I looked back and saw Norton was the only person still in the rear" of the vehicle."

Another deputy pursued Treadwell on foot and found her in the woods about 20 minutes later.

Treadwell was charged in that incident with littering, posession of methamphetamines, escape misdemeanor, obstruction misdemeanor, posession and use of drug related objects. 

Treadwell is being held without bond due to the sale of methamphetamine charge.