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Toddler trapped in bank vault after wandering in
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 A toddler wandered into a bank vault at closing time and became trapped for about three hours at the Wells Fargo branch on Ga. 138 Friday evening.

 According the Conyers Police and Rockdale Fire spokespersons, the toddler, her mother and her sibling were visiting her grandmother, a bank employee.

 “Just about closing time, the toddler walked off and apparently walked into the vault,” said Deputy Fire Chief Mike Lee. An employee then closed the door of the vault, not knowing the child was inside.

 When the toddler was discovered missing, a scan of security camera tape revealed that she was in the vault. The child could also be heard crying inside.

 Employees and rescue personnel checked to make sure there was enough air in the vault, and pumped extra air into the vault as a precaution. “For a person that size, the amount of air in that vault was ample,” said Lee.

 A lock specialist on contract with the bank was called in to drill open the door.

 After about three hours, the child emerged unharmed. “As soon as the toddler saw Mama, she was okay,” said Lee.