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Thor is not a bully
2511549-thor and ironman by nebezial

If you’ve got a little boy or if you’ve got a dude in your life that’s all about some superheroes, then head out to the Mall at Stonecrest this weekend and get your geek on while meeting Thor and Iron Man. Before you get too excited, ladies, I have to tell you that Robert Downey, Jr., and that guy whose brother was engaged to Miley Cyrus won’t be there. But your kids won’t know the difference. Plus, it’s all for anti-bullying, and if Thor tells your kid to be nice, they are much more apt to listen. Kind of like those people who call the police to come to their house when their kid won’t get up for school. It’s like scared straight without the threat of juvenile detention, and you can get a Starbucks while you’re there. Two birds, one stone. You’re welcome.

Price: FREE!