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Tattoo artist arrested for burglary
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A tattoo artist known as "Motion," was arrested for burglary after boxes with his name were found at the scene of a stolen television set.

George Davis, 26, of Conyers was charged with burglary for allegedly breaking into a home next to where he lived.

On Nov. 1 at around 5 p.m. Conyers Police responded to a burglary on Bob White Lane where the resident said she left at 10 a.m. the day before and did not return to the next day.

According to reports, the victim said she parked her car in front of her residence and said, "The blinds were slightly in disarray as if someone had been peeking out of them."

Upon going into the house, the resident noticed the television was missing from the living room, and the back door had been kicked in.

While checking for additional evidence, police came across two black and grey boxes behind a residence on Bob White Lane near the cul-de-sac. Reports said the boxes appeared to be the same as those that were taken from a different burglary on the same street. The boxes had "motion" written on them.

Another police officer had recently arrested Davis for an unrelated matter while in the Hunting Creek neighborhood and saw boxes near the house.

Davis was identified as "Motion" by neighbors who told police he was a tattoo artist and barber.

Woman arrested for animal cruelty

When police responded to a civil matter between a tenant and landlord, the officer noticed a dog being mistreated, and arrested a Conyers woman for animal cruelty.

On Nov. 3, while serving a warrant on a civil matter, police investigated the apartment of Tricia Yvonne and noticed a dog barking in the backyard.

According to reports, Yvonne said she was looking for someone to take the dog because her husband had moved already and she was unable to take the dog to where she was moving the following weekend.

The officer walked around to the back to check on the dog and saw it attached to a tree on approximately five feet of line.

Police said there was no food or water available and the dog was positioned on a hillside. According to reports, "The dog's body was extremely slim and was obviously malnourished."

Yvonne told police the water at the residence was turned off and she said she went to neighbors to get water. Yvonne also said that she would walk to the Chevron daily to get a can of beans for the dog, because she had no car to get dog food.