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Superintendent performance bonus approved
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At the end of the superintendent's second year on the job, the Rockdale County school board approved a 5 percent bonus, or $8,750, for Rockdale Superintendent Richard Autry in a split vote of 5-2 on Thursday, July 24.

School board members Jim McBrayer, Wales Barksdale, Brad Smith, Tony Dowdy and Mandy North voted in favor of the bonus, as outlined in Autry's contract. Members Katrina Young and Sharon Pharr voted against it.

Chairman Jim McBrayer said in a released statement, regarding the vote, "After completing the Superintendent's annual evaluation, the Board established that the Superintendent has met and exceeded his performance goals for the 2013-14 school year and is entitled to the performance compensation under the terms of his contract."

Young said that Autry was "doing an excellent job. We're glad he's our leader." However, she added, there is a learning curve in any new role. "Based on the benchmarks that were given, the majority were met. There's still room for improvement. There's always room for improvement."

The superintendent's contract spelled out a list of 49 goals he needed to either achieve or have "in progress" in order to be awarded the bonus.

Five percent of Autry's $175,000 annual base salary is $8,750.

Autry also receives a 5 percent cost of living increase as well. The Superintendent had turned down that cost of living increase last year. This year, according to a released statement, he is donating this cost of living increase to fund the Superintendent's Scholarship.

"Our students are eager and prepared to continue their education after graduation but are often limited due to available resources," Autry said in the released statement. "This donation is one way I can help support our students with their goals of earning two-year, four-year or technical college degrees."

Rockdale County Public Schools employees are not receiving cost of living increases this year and did not have them last year.



Superintendent Contract 2013 - Exhibit A goals