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Summer unplugged

There's a reason Unplugged in the Park is one of Atlanta's longest-running summer concert series - because it's just that good! For you who have lived in the ATL for a while, you'll remember that 99X used to host it back when I was in high school and no one was allowed to drive to Atlanta without their parents in the car. It's outside, but don't let that dissuade you. You know the fancy folks at Park Tavern will make sure the tent has air conditioning AND a sushi bar, plus a pretty swank view of the Atlanta skyline. You have to be 21, or at least have your parents with you if you're under 18. There's a different band every weekend, this weekend go and enjoy the Hannah Thomas Band with Sonia Tetlow and Johnny and Shim. And remember to try the spicy tuna roll.

Price: FREE

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